About us 

Asayesh Central Vacuum Company was officially founded in 2005 after eight years of study and research on vacuum industry,  research aimed at residential, office and commercial use.

We apply our accumulated experience to improve living and working conditions, by preventing the diffusion of microorganisms in rugs or carpets, with much less noise pollution than produced by conventional vacuum cleaners. We advertise our products to many commercial enterprises; click here for a list of some of the buildings that employ our systems.

Constantly seeking technological improvement, we only use the best parts -- imported from South Korean company Samsung Electric Motors -- and so we have obtained the ISO 9002-2000 certificate, in addition to the mandatory product safety standard certificate from the National Institutes of Standards and Iran Industrial Research. Our products are grade A in energy consumption and today we are proud to be the only manufacturer of central vacuum system with those qualifications in Iran. 

We are honored to employ expert engineers, and together with them, it is our privilege to help you have better health and hygiene in your home and office.