What is Central Vacuum System?

Central vacuum is a standard suction system which is installed in proper places such as basement, parking, warehouse, etc and is connected to control circuit by PVC pipes via suction inlets in required places and whenever the hose is connected to the inlet you can easily use the vacuum to clean the building.

Asayesh Central Vacuum Cleaner is designed and produced for small and big buildings, towers, hotels, public places, factories, car washes, exhibitions, cinemas, hospitals, stations, laboratories, medical and dental clinics.

Benefiting from Asayesh Central Vacuum Cleaner in buildings that are under construction

It will prevent noise pollution made by vacuum cleaners in environments it is used.

It will also prevent the viruses and germs and air pollutants made by suction and blowing in environments it is used and so you would be immune against lung disease or respiratory tract disease.

You no longer need to carry the vacuum cleaner around and you can even clean your car easily in the parking.

You do not need to change or empty the vacuum cleaner bag continuously you just need to empty the vacuum cleaner tank every 2 or 4 months. With Standard suction the vacuum would not hurt carpets and furniture during vacuuming.