Asayesh Central Vacuum system installation instructions


A. Plug Installation

Follow the instructions below in order to install suction outlet after painting the building:

- Open the metal lid of inlets. 

- Clean out the inlet and remove any foreign substance such as plaster, cement and so.

- Screw down the O ring and its holder in place.

- Connect the wires of command circuit together in parallel then connect them to existing special fiches and tighten under the screw of the outlet.

- Put outlets in place and screw it down.

B. Installation

Installing an outlet that is connected to a miniature 25 amp fuse near or next to the device is required.

Use superficies pipe brackets for piping inside the basement.

To install the device, first open the device tool box and bring out the installation tools such as wall cone-plate, dowels, screw, hose, command circuit sockets. 

- Install the wall cone-plate in a convenient location (between 120 to 140 cm from the floor) in a form the apex of the cone is downward and the base is upward.


A similar cone-plate is installed in the back of central vacuum system device, lift the device slowly, place the cone plate of the device on the wall cone-plate and once you ensured that the cone-plate is placed accordingly slowly drop the device in place. 

- Then connect the white hose which has special coupling on both ends to the suction inlet and the leading pipe into the building.

- Connect the command circuit wires to special sockets and put them in place in the back of the device, please note that you should cover the two wires of command circuit from the end of power tube by spring loop.

- At this point the device is ready to use when you put the hose in any of the inlets.


Using Asayesh Central Vacuum system:

- To use, simply plug the head of hose into a suction inlet and the machine will be switched on automatically.

- Different sizes of hose (6, 8, 10 and 12 mm) allow you to specify the performance radius of the vacuum.

- The number of suction inlets allows you to easily clean the whole building, including floors, walls, curtains, furniture and parking. Use the special curtain brush for cleaning the curtains and the crevice tool for cleaning the corners.

- Once you finished vacuuming, put the hose in its own box.