Asayesh Central Vacuum Piping System Instructions


1. In order to implement the piping system, use pipes and fittings of Asayesh central vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 2/3.



PVC pipe with a diameter of 50 mm

Please note that 45 degree or 90 degree elbow fittings must be used in the full path of piping and short 90 degree elbows should only be used behind the suction socket.


45 degree elbow fitting

90 degree elbow fitting


3-way fitting, 45 degree elbow fitting


2. Clean the burrs made while cutting the pipe. Glue the pipes and fittings together.

Cut and burr

Note: Apply glue only to the outside of the tubing.This will prevent glue from creating obstructions which could clog your system.

3. Please note that the piping path is always done from the upper floors on to the lower ones. The piping system never works upward. In other words, the trash path is always downward.

4. While connecting branched pipes to the main suction pipe please note that the 45 degree 3-way fitting must be placed in a way that two branched pipes direct the trash in the same direction as the main pipe does.

 (description: for branching only use 45 degree 3-way fitting)

5. The shortest path possible must always be used as the piping path. The 45 degree, 3-way fitting must only be used where there is a barrier and the direct piping path is not possible.


Using 45 and 90 degree fittings is recommended only away from and definitely not behind outlets. The way the 3-way fitting is placed in the path of device suction or in the path of trash should be done with extra care, see below. 


Correct placement of the 3-way


6. Try to always pass the main pipe directly to the central device and never let the main pipe be pulled toward the subsidiary pipe. Piping deviations must always be from the subsidiary to the main pipe.

In spots envisaged for installing suction inlets, there is a special box that must be connected to short 90 degree elbows.


Short 90 degree elbow and inlet.

7. In regards to the airtight, we only recommend standard fittings.

8. Do not use flexible electricity pipes in wiring the command circuit.

9. For installing the inlet after connecting it to the piping system by a 90 degree, elbow fitting, the following points must be observed:

A) inlets that are placed near other electricity outlets must be adjusted so as to match them.

B) If the inlet is located in a different place from other outlets, the distance from the bottom of the inlet to the floor must be 40 cm.

C) The inlet must be installed correctly by using a leveling hose.

D) The exterior of the inlet must be plastered noting the usual standards.

E) The metal flap must be closed to prevent trash from entering the pipe and

also in order to protect the wiring of the command circuit.

inlet and lid

10.The most suitable place for installing the device is the bottommost place in any building, i. e. the basement, the warehouse. Furthermore, in the installation place of the central device, other than the suction pipe which is directed from the building to the installation site, there must be a 220V power outlet, preferably with an independent 25A fuse.

11. It is recommended to do the piping on ceiling to provide more options for installation place of the device.

12. Choose the place of outlets according to the architecture of the building so that by 6, 8 and 10 meter distances, different parts of the building will be covered.