Asayesh Central Vacuum system control circuit wiring instructions


To wire the control circuit comply the following points:

A - Use Asayesh special 2 and 2/5 power tubes. 

B - Use the braided cable No. 1, twin cable in two different colors.

C - Wiring inside the power tube must be integrated from one inlet to the other.

D - Power tubes containing two wires, must be connected to the main pipe by plastic ring brackets.


Wiring the control circuit

E - To connect power tubes together, a fitting pipe with a diameter of 2.5 cm is used. Tighten this connection by high quality tape or ring bracket.


F - Pass the control circuit wires from the holes in inlet and put them behind the inlet to avoid the wire from being pulled before installing the outlet.


G - To ensure that the power cables aren't pulled, put the extra cables inside the inlet and close the lid.


2. To send the start command to the device electric board, twin braided wire No. 1 is used which is passed inside the electric tube and along the main pipe. The twin cable is responsible for connecting outlets together and sending the start command by 12 volt power which doesn't have the risk of electric shock.


To continue wiring the next outlet, pass the wires to another inlet and leave extra wire for closing the outlets.


3. After finishing the piping and wiring, use a testing device to ensure everything was done correctly and outlets are connected.


After finishing the piping and wiring control circuit and installing the inlet and before finishing the construction and covering the pipes make sure that pipes and fittings aren't broken and wiring the control circuit is done properly. You can do this action in several times before the pipes are covered completely.