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Automatic Inlet

Automatic Inlet

Asayesh Central Vacuum Cleaner Factory has always put the production of up-to-date and leading systems in the central vacuum cleaner industry as its top priority and has made any effort to employ capable forces to be able to take a new step in the production of new products in this industry.
One of the most up-to-date products of central vacuum cleaner system is automatic inlets. In this type of inlets, due to the modern technology of the world, it has been tried so that consumers can easily use this system.
The type of use of these inlets is so that the hose of the central vacuum cleaner system is placed inside the special PVC piping. Pull out the automatic inlet and start cleaning the environment. Finally, after use, the user can automatically return the hose to the PVC piping inlet by placing his hand on the hose pipe, using the suction device.
In the automatic inlet, there is no need to move the hose in the house and as mentioned above, the hose pipe is located inside the PVC piping system. The inlets produced in Asayesh central vacuum cleaner factory have hoses with a length of 12 or 15 meters that the user can easily access all parts of the house for cleaning. This system is one of the newest central vacuum cleaner products in the world and Asayesh Company offers it to the global markets at a reasonable price.