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Asayesh at a glance

What is a central vacuum cleaner?

Asayesh central vacuum cleaner is a new generation of vacuum cleaners.That whose suction motor is installed in a space of a residential unit such as a terrace, a laundry room, a wall cupboard or a kitchen cabinet.And a number of automatic suction inlets are installed inside the unit according to the area and plan of the building.

What is a central vacuum cleaner?

Asayesh central vacuum cleaner factory

The establishment of Asayesh Central Vacuum Cleaner Factory was formed in 2005 and today, after many years, it has been able to expand its factory and continue its activities on a land with an area of about 6,000 meters located in Parand Industrial State. Asayesh central vacuum cleaner has been able toachieved benefit from experienced engineers and staff to the latest technology in the world in the field of production and technology of central vacuum cleaners.

Asayesh central vacuum cleaner factory

Sales and after-sales service of central Asayesh vacuum cleaner

Asayesh Central Vacuum Cleaner Factory has been able to meet the needs of customers, unit builders,c onstruction and its consumers,for easier access to after-sales products and services.extent over 70 authorized representation and agency throughout the country meets the needs of dear customers.

Sales and after-sales service of central Asayesh vacuum cleaner


Central vacuum cleaner
Automatic Inlet
Portable vacuum cleaner
Carwash vacuum cleaner
Why Asayesh central vacuum cleaner?

Why Asayesh central vacuum cleaner?

Ease of use

With the Asayesh vacuum cleaner, you no longer need to move the vacuum cleaners. You can easily clean all parts of your building just by using the hose pipe installed in the central vacuum cleaner inlet.


You can clean your home during the day and night using the Asayesh vacuum cleaner, because in the Asayesh vacuum cleaner, you will be safe from the annoying sound of vacuum cleaner due to the installation of a vacuum cleaner outside the building.

No dust in the house

The Asayesh vacuum cleaner works in a way that due to the transfer of dust out of the living environment, it will clean the air in the house as well as improve the breathing of people in the house and is the best option for people with respiratory and lung problems.

Very high suction power and low energy consumption

Asayesh central vacuum cleaner using modern technology and using high efficiency motors has been able to bring you a cleaning experience with standard and strong suction power and save energy consumption in the same proportion.

Asayesh central vacuum cleaner technology

Two-stage filtration

In this technology, by filtering the air in two stages and increasing its level up to 1800 centimeters, the quality of the engine inlet air is dramaticaly Improves and increases engine efficiency and reduces depreciation.

Thermal protector

In order to increase the level of the central vacuum cleaner motor and reduce depreciation, thermal sensors have been used. When creating additional load and incorrect use of the system, the above sensors with their function cause the motor to shut down and prevent damage to the motor.

Automatic cleaner

Using a vibrator, this technology automatically turns on automatically after every 30 minutes of use by receiving the command from the smart board of the device, and by creating vibration by the vibrating motor, it makes the device filter always in the best condition and the motor Use it’s all strength to create suction.

Smart board

The smart board used with microcontroller-based processing enables smart management of the amount of demand of the users of the central vacuum cleaner by preventing premature wear of the motors and increasing the performance of the device based on the number of rotators.

Asayesh central vacuum cleaner technology


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  • Instructional videos

In order to benefit from the specifications of Asayesh Central Vacuum Cleaner products and to get better and more familiar with the technical specifications, type of application, space to be covered by Central Vacuum Cleaner, etc., we decided to provide the product catalogue of Asayesh Central Vacuum Cleaner so that you dear ones can be informed about the variety of products as well as their function.

In this part, it is intended to be able to acquaint you dear ones with the process and type of using a central vacuum cleaner by presenting educational videos and introducing the product. Dear colleagues, you can complete your technical information by watching the videos of installing and setting up a central vacuum cleaner by using the educational videos part.

Steps of projects

1-free consultation

The experts of Asayesh central vacuum cleaner sales unit are always ready to answer and provide free consultation for the installation and operation of the central vacuum cleaner system for you.

2- project price inquiry

Dear builders of building units can be informed about the price of the product, type of device, installation and implementation of central vacuum cleaner system related to their building by sending the building plan to sales experts and receiving advice.

3-Send invoice

Sales unit experts, after initial measures and coordination with the project employer to install and implement the central vacuum cleaner, send the required equipment and supplies pro forma invoice to dear employers.

Steps of projects

4-central vacuum cleaner Pipe laying

At the beginning of equipping the building with a central vacuum system, it is necessary to perform the piping steps of this system in the units and the building, which is also possible with the guidance and advice of experts.

5-Installation of central vacuum cleaner

After the completion of the piping and construction of the building, the vacuum cleaner system will be installed in the intended locations.

6-Testing and delivery

At the end of the project and installation of the central vacuum cleaner system, this system is inspected several times and delivered to our dear customers in perfect health and usage training.

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